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Paver Laying
We are offering all types of Flooring Works like paver laying, tile laying, wooden flooring, marble/granite flooring, industrial flooring, etc which are high on quality and famous for exceptional finishing and smooth texture. We use fine methods to develop them and they are provided in varied designs, patterns and color combinations. Further, these are known for high durability, beauty and elegance.
Desired conditions for laying of pavers:
  • Set the floor level with wet sand for 50mm thickness and compact by using vibrating plate compacter.
  • Keep the sand with moisture content. Do not use sand, which is 100% dry.
  • Don't spread the sand for longer areas, as it will dry out and reduce the performance. Use sand of 50mm spreaded property.
  • Lay the interlocking paver in compacted sand floor and tap gently with a rubber mallet to get perfect joints.
  • Spread river sand on the laid area to fill the joint gaps and run the vibrating plate compactor to get the perfect level.
  • Construct retention wall all-around the laid areas to arrest the movement of paver blocks.
  • It is recommended to provide the slope of 3 inches on the wider side and 2 inches on the linear side for every feet of the laying area.
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